4 Simple Mistakes You Might Be Doing While Using Sponges

4 Simple Mistakes You Might Be Doing While Using Sponges

4 Simple Mistakes You Might Be Doing While Using Sponges

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Created Date: 2018-02-18

It's not just foundation that matters to give a glamorous look to you. When you are doing makeup for any party or event, you need to have a high-quality makeup blender sponge that can give you a look of your dream. Sponges are called game changer and if you know how to use right, it can bring you some unparalleled results.

However, beginners always make some silly mistakes while using these foundation blender sponges and it is not shocking as they don’t know how to use sponges professionally. If you are using these sponges regularly and still not getting superior results, we have provided a list of mistakes that you might be making while using sponges. By reading this article, you will be able to analyze how to use sponges and it will help you to use it wisely.

Mistake 1: You Are Using a Dirty Sponge:

It does not matter if you are using the best blending sponge from a reputed brand. The average life of any branded sponge is 3 to 4 months if you are cleaning it after every use. Hence, it is important that you keep this thing in mind. If you are using a dirty sponge regularly without cleaning it, you need to stop it. It will not do any good to you. Using dirty sponges might spoil your makeup. Sponges are not costly and you can afford them. The best practice is to buy a brand new sponge at every one or two months depending on your usage.

Mistake 2: Using One Sponge For Multiple Products

Most of the people do this mistake, more than often and let me tell you, it is not a cool thing to do. There is no rule like one size fits all and you cannot use one sponge for applying liquid foundation and bronzer and other products. There are different types of shapes available for different products and you can buy them to have the best outcome. Search on the internet and you will find the best foundation sponge and other blender sponges. don’t use one sponge to apply different products. It will make things worse.

Mistake 3: You Have Bought a Cheapest Sponge Available In The Market

Don’t we look at the price tags while buying things? Unquestionably, it applies to the sponges too. When you are looking for a best beauty blender sponge that can make difference, it will cost you a little more than all low-quality sponges you have bought till now. Spend some more when it can make a difference to the output. Cheap sponges don’t bring quality results and absorb more foundation and also fail to blend well. Increase your budget when you are buying makeup products and you will not be disappointed later.

Mistake 4: You Wet The Sponge Every Time

Wet sponges do bring more radiant results and if you are a makeup expert, you know it. A wet sponge offers a super coverage by absorbing the water. However, when you are looking for full coverage, you need to use a dry sponge to get beautiful results. It is not recommended to wet your sponge every time.

Wrapping Up:

Makeup sponges play a crucial role and by correcting these mistakes, you can ensure that you have a perfect look to charm everyone.


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