A Guide To Buy Professional Makeup Brushes

A Guide To Buy Professional Makeup Brushes

A Guide To Buy Professional Makeup Brushes

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Created Date: 2018-02-21

If you are a novice at makeup and do not have any idea about how to buy the makeup accessories, take your time and read about it. There are many articles and blogs available on the internet that gives you in-depth information about how to buy makeup accessories and makeup tutorials and much more.

However, when it comes to buying makeup accessories, makeup brushes are very important. If you have the right professional brush, it will not just make it easier to apply makeup, it will make you more precise while using it. In fact, makeup artists believe that brushes are the ones who make all the difference when you want to achieve a professional look.

If you search on the internet, you might find a professional makeup brush kit from different brands and it might create a dilemma for you. If you are looking for a right list of makeup brush buying tips, here is a list:

Bristles matter:

Bristles are actually brush-hairs and they are either made of natural animal hairs or the synthetic hairs. The base of the bristles is called Heel and the tips are called the Toe. Generally, makeup artists prefer bristles with natural hairs as they are easy to apply and reliable too.

When you are buying a makeup brush collection, check out the bristles first. Ensure that they are arranged in a uniform and symmetrical shape. Examine the brush from all angles to get a clear picture. If it is a new brush, by tugging the bristles gently, there is a possibility of shedding few hairs. If more than a few hairs shed, it means there is a problem.

Also, ensure that the brush does not feel stiff. Bristles will play a crucial role when you are applying makeup and you need to choose brushes with soft and gentle bristles.

Choose a Reliable Brand:

The internet offers a wide range of products to choose from and it sometimes creates confusion too. When you are buying a professional makeup brush set, always choose a right and reliable brand. You can ask for recommendations from your friends who can suggest you some good brands or you can read online reviews of these makeup brands. Branded brushes will serve you for a long period and you don’t have to worry about the quality and dependability.

You can even buy separate brushes of different brands rather than a cosmetic brush set as per your preferences and budget.

Know the types of brushes:

You need to have a brief idea about types of makeup brushes and their applications and uses. Here is a list of some popular makeup brushes and their uses:

Blush Brush: For picking up more blush after every application and to mix with the oils of the skin.

Powder Brush: It is a round shaped brush, used to apply powder precisely on different face parts like nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead.

Foundation brush: A contoured tip brush is used to apply foundation to the face.

Concealer Brush: Usually stiff in feel and made of synthetic bristles. It is used to apply concealer.

Shadow Brush: Usually stiff in feel and made of synthetic bristles. It is used to apply concealer.

Wrapping Up: Professional makeup brushes are very important makeup accessories when you are looking for the desired look. When a true craft meets first-rate accessories, an impressive and beautiful look can be achieved.


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