BBi Featured on the Lady Writes Blog

BBi Featured on the Lady Writes Blog

BBi Featured on the Lady Writes Blog

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Created Date: 2018-08-28

Here at Bliss Beauty International we just love to share our joy and excitement about our natural, professional makeup brushes and sponges range. We were so happy when we read the latest Lady Writes blog, in which she writes about her joy of our exciting blended range of beauty sponges and professional makeup brushes. She loves them, and so do we for very good reasons!

Below we'll explore our range of blended sponges, types of makeup brushes and their uses and our fabulous eyelash range, plus why you need to use them too.

Blender makeup sponges

We believe that everyone should have access to good quality and easy to use makeup sponges, that can be used on sensitive and problem skin. The blender makeup sponges range really do provide full coverage, require a small amount of product, and are quick and easy to use. Perfect for those busy days when you need to get out and about.

Dual Perfect Blender This blender sponge serves a dual purpose, that of applying makeup to large areas, such as the forehead and cheeks, and then to smaller areas, such as the nose. This blender sponge won't absorb any makeup, so none is lost, making your makeup last that much longer. You can also use the sponge when dry, which is a real bonus. As with all our sponges, it's allergy free so perfect for sensitive skin.

Contour Blender So, what is a contour blender you may ask? Well, this is simply a way of applying several products, including liquids and powders, to the face, in a way that causes no streaks or lines. What you get is a flawless and natural finish. It's also shaped for ease of use, something that Lady Writes really found helpful.

Silicone Duo Blender The silicone blender sponge is an innovative blender sponge that many women are still a little nervous about using. The Lady Writes blog admits to feeling a little scared, but once she had used it, found this sponge to be soft and easy to use. We think you'll find this too, with its easy sponge application, that uses the minimal amount of product, helping to save you money.

Makeup brushes

With such an extensive range of makeup brushes, we thought we'd highlight two of our favourites.

Powder brush We love the powder brush as it's a great all rounder and really easy to use. It has soft bristles, is gentle on your skin and provides even coverage, due to the fact that the brush gives the skin a light dusting of powder. This gives an incredibly natural finish.

Kabuki brush This makeup brush has been specifically designed for use with liquid and cream foundations. The synthetic bristles are gentle on the skin and will not irritate sensitive skin. The long handle is also easy to grip.

Fabulous eyelashes

Finally, Lady Writes loved our range of stunning eyelashes. They're affordable, made from real mink and make your eyelashes look full and your eyes pop. What's not to love! Easy to apply, reusable, and in a range of colours, you'll be sure to find eyelashes to suit you.

To learn more about our fabulous range of professional makeup brushes and silicone blender sponges, then please do browse our website. We guarantee that you won't be disappointed.


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