Mink Lashes - Which Suit Me Best?

Mink Lashes - Which Suit Me Best?

Mink Lashes - Which Suit Me Best?

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Created Date: 2018-09-25

Did somebody say SALE? Learn the key differences between mink, silk, and real fur lashes and which suit your eye shape the best. Buy cruelty-free 2D and 3D mink lashes from Bliss Beauty International today with free delivery!

Remember when your brows were the most important feature to the structure of your face? Well, now lashes are trending for your everyday glamour.

But if you're new to the game, what really is the difference between mink, silk and real fur eyelashes? They differ from one another in texture, appearance and weight. Knowing the difference between lash types and which suits you best can be difficult and can stop you from purchasing. That's why the team at BBi want to help you understand your eye shape and which suits it best.

But let's show you a quick video on how to apply our fluffy mink lashes in minutes...

How to apply false eyelashes:

  1. Cut the edges (if needed) to the correct size
  2. Apply a thin layer of glue to the lash stripline
  3. After a few minutes, the glue should be tacky
  4. Apply carefully to your lash line.

100% Mink

Mink Lashes are artificially made to mimic the characteristics of real animal fur, and ours are 100% cruelty-free animal. They are softer, finer and fluffier than flat boring lashes and look natural. Made with a soft cotton band - lightweight, comfortable and super easy to apply.

In addition to the benefits, our 3D lashes provide a tapered effect, just like natural hair should because they are always shaped by hand, never cut.

Here's some further information which might help you decide:

 Silk LashesFaux Mink LashesMink LashesEyelash Extensions
Safety to natural lashesVery safeVery safeVery safeMay induce shedding, depends on the glue
FinenessFineFine - Ultra-fineUltra-fineMedium - Fine
VersatilityDaily wear, can change styles
Daily wear, can change styles
Daily wear, can change styles
Same look for 3-4 weeks
Up to a month of daily wear
Up to a month of daily wear
Up to a month of daily wear
3-4 weeks until refill needed


SyntheticMink furSynthetic or mink fur
BandSynthetic or CottonSynthetic or CottonCottonN/A
Time to apply5 - 10 mins
5 - 10 mins
5 - 10 mins
1 - 2 hours
Price (USD)$18 - 25$18 - 25$25 - 42

$60 - 250


      'GLAMOUR'                    'CHIC'                                  'DOLL'


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If you are still unsure what your eye shape is and which will best suit you, why not send us a photo? Our team are more than happy to help you. Talk us at CONTACT@BLISSBEAUTYINT.COM and we can make those eyes POP! 


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