My Story

When the time is right, it will happen

Born in the UK, I have always had a strong interest in beauty products and makeup and from a very early age I knew it was something I wanted to do professionally. However, coming from a cultural Asian background, beauty was never seen as a secure profession so I sat in my bedroom secretly experimenting with my mum’s and aunties makeup. Oh the fun I had!

Being of a creative mould I pursued Art and Fashion Design and then went on to commence a BA Hons Degree in Silversmith & Jewellery but as luck would have it I met the man of my dreams and decided to get married. I continued with my studies but fell pregnant during the last year of my degree so this meant taking a year out but I still managed to graduate with a one year old daughter in tow.

Twins followed my daughter and life got very busy. Family became priority but in keeping with my creative side I completed many beauty and design courses accumulating a wealth of knowledge and experience alongside raising my family.

What I didn’t know at the time was that my youngest daughter would be the start of my BBi journey. She suffered terribly from eczema and having tried every product on the market – nothing helped. Determined to help her I studied Organic Skincare and formulated my own creams for personal use to successfully treat my daughter. This opened many doors into the beauty world and with my children grown up – this was my time to go back to my first love…

The little girl who used to sit in her bedroom playing with her mum’s makeup made an appearance once again in the form of my eldest daughter, who similarly experimented with makeup but whereas I used my fingers to apply my makeup, my daughter had a whole host of cosmetic tools. These tools were much better than my finger painting!

I had a lightbulb moment and BBi was born. The rest as they say is history.

So here I am ten years on, having travelled the world and worked with the most amazing people, I am now firmly established in the beauty marketplace. I am constantly striving to bring products to the market that meets every womans need. Superior quality make my products the number 1 choice for renowned makeup artists and everyday women alike. I’m here for the long term so compromise is just not an option, and perhaps this is the reason I continue to grow from strength to strength. I have come a long way and there is no going back. I can honestly say Anything is possible….especially if you have the right tools